The positive effects of participation in sports on the general public have been extensively researched. Sporting activities can give people the required exercise to improve their physical and mental health. Despite this, like other aspects of life, some people are reluctant to attempt a sport they have never tried before.

You do not want this to happen as a sporting club is concerned. Your goal is to ensure that everyone can participate in an activity offered by the club and enjoy the amenities that come with the membership. To stop this from happening, has developed five strategies to improve participation in sports clubs.


One of the best methods of bringing people through your door is to offer trial trials for free. It can be done by utilizing a variety of methods. Giving free passes that span from a single day to the entire week allows individuals to enjoy the entire experience of your sports venue or club without paying for it.

A more personalized alternative would be to arrange tours when you receive an inquiry. Another option is to set up some or two classes per week led by a qualified coach or mentor specifically for those who wish to join. This will help them learn more about the sport regarding rules and the best way to take part in it.

Social Media.

It is highly advised that your sports club is represented on social media sites like Pikdo, Twitter, Picuki Instagram and others. By doing this, you can expand your club’s reach to a wide range of people. Social media is a great way to promote any trial that you might be offering. Additionally, social media’s capacity to host visual content is a great way to show off your staff and your facilities, venues, and locations.

It also gives you more visibility for any discounts, offers, or deals you might be providing. Social media can also be an excellent way for potential members to reach you with any questions or to provide valuable feedback that will help improve your venue or sports club. Additionally, guests or members can use social media to share reviews about the club, or facilities and classes and facilities, attracting new customers.


Offerings are an excellent method to get customers to visit your club. Offerings such as reduced prices at certain times of the day or even a game at the cost is a great incentive that people seek out. For example, if your sports club has courts/pitches (tennis and football, badminton or other) or allowing people to lease space at only half the cost of providing two sessions at one in off-peak hours, you can help boost popularity and rivalry with clubs. Also, if you have a player participating in an evaluation session(s), you can offer them any of the equipment required for sport for free.


One of the main reasons people aren’t willing to take on a new challenge is that they don’t comprehend how something functions. When you offer training sessions, this will enable people to observe and gain knowledge from someone who has experience in the field they would like to take part in.

People who have someone to teach them the ropes are more likely to trust and follow their guidance and ensure that they are taking the proper steps safely.

More minor ways to keep customers.

This may not be as obvious, but the more minor ways to keep customers are equally important if they are not even more so than other aspects to attract new customers. For instance, you can offer free parking if you can or at the very least for some time (e.g., one hour of no-cost parking). You should keep the price of your meals and beverages in a reasonable range to allow people to consume their calories if they are hungry or thirsty easily.

Additionally, ensure that your staff is friendly and accommodating and can effectively respond to most questions. Also, if your club is family-friendly, make sure you emphasize this by hosting classes for parents of babies or a creche, and ensure that everyone is comfortable.


Growing interest in your sports club may seem challenging. However, the reality is relatively easy. There is no need to make drastic changes instead, but make use of the resources you have and find financial incentives that can create an appeal to people to think about your club or venue.


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