For the past few years cable, internet and phone were considered separate services to the majority of the households and businesses. But with the passage of time and boundless inventions, these different types of services have combined to become one. People are switching more and more towards acquiring the same packages for all and are very much satisfied by the idea. 

Unlike households, many businesses are still confused about whether to bundle all services or opt for separate ones. Well according to the research and experiences of several businesses, acquiring internet packages saves time, and money and increases overall employee productivity. Not only one or two, but there are several other benefits of providing internet packages to office employees such as 

  • Consolidated bill – The most important service in today’s tech full world that runs an organization is the internet. Acquiring internet deals could save your time and money. Purchasing different services for cable, internet, and phone could cost 3 times more than bundled packages. The business would need to sign a single contract only and payment can be done on a single consolidated bill. 
  • Strong internal connection between office employees – Choosing cable and internet bundles from the same provider has brought many perks to households such as strong communication, reliable service, etc. Likewise, in businesses choosing combined packages of internet and phone can improve internal communication between employees hence increasing productivity. Smart programs such as Basecamp, Asana, and Slack are famous for employees’ connectivity, organizing their tasks, and delivering instant messages within the organization through the internet. 
  • Internet package combined with cellular service too – No matter how fast the internet moves, cellular service is still necessary for employees of an organization. Instead of each employee buying their separate packages for phone calls, it is smarter to bundle it with the company’s internet deals. This could decrease the hustle of separate subscriptions to zero and bring convenience for both employees and the organization. Many ISPs provide unlimited nationwide and international calling with 25+ calling features along with their cable and internet bundles. Many companies offer a mobile phone with an internet and call package for their special employees. 
  • Marketing and social media – When provided with an internet deal, office employees could become more productive without worrying about limited connection, through constant use of social media, persistent marketing, visiting review sites, and planning accordingly. 
  • Neither pays less, not more – ISPs design bundles according to everyone’s needs. None of us would ever want to pay higher than the number of employees acquiring internet in their organization. The internet deals are designed according to the number of employees, bandwidth needed, cellular service needs, etc. Always choose wisely so that you may not end up paying more than your usage. As soon as your package expires, you can get it recharged again without paying subscription fees again. 

It is true that the internet increases overall employees’ productivity but on the other hand, it is also a source of distraction for many. These distractions range from innocent to serious ones i.e. shopping, entertainment gambling, pornography, etc. Using internet deals for office employees can actually help in guarding and controlling limits. Offices generally use high-speed internets such as T-1 or T-2 which is usually free to the employees and they can use it for downloading, gaming, live streaming, and more. This is the only drawback of high-speed internet bundles provided to the employees. But this issue has also been resolved by many ISPs. They now provide free installation of Employee Internet Management (EIM) software with their internet deals for offices. EIM is a more effective way of traditional internet filtering such as allowing or blocking access to websites, apps, etc. 

Summing up 

In the end, it could be said that whether in-home or in offices, whether small or large businesses, it’s a very professional approach to acquire internet packages as it is the only way to cut short the cost and hassle of subscriptions and to maintain employees productivity. Internet is the bais need for most of the employee in offices. When employees are facilitated with a fast internet network it enables them to reach out to clients and complete the tasks in less time. 


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