Let me take a min to share some of my background with you. Since this creating I am 39 years old and also I reside in Los Angeles. My loss of hair began at the age of 22 and also gradually proceeded. Every one of the younger individuals reading this, believe me, I understand how you really feel and also think me when I tell you that there is wish for a good collection of hair on the majority of you. Anyways, I always was self aware regarding my declining hair line and also in the early 90’s started to interview physicians within the basic Los Angeles Location. You call them, I can tell you I had actually interviewed them, I have been to Bosley, Dr. Wolf, Dr. Meshkin, Dr. Rassman, Medical Restoration Facility, as well as many others which I do not remember. Recalling, I was so fortunate not to have actually a surgery done during that time because If I had I most likely would have doll hair plugs standing out my head.

So at the age of 35 I got wed and also settled down with my beautiful spouse. I began to truly discover I was losing my hair at the age of 36. It was pointed out to me by a person at my job considering that he was my upstairs neighbor looking down at my crown location.

I made a decision then and also there to stop my hair loss and alter my look for life, to the much better. So, once more I began my research study online for months. I read write-ups, checked out sites and talked with clients. In my research study one name came up over and over once again, “Hasson and also Wong” based out of Vancouver Canada. In nearly every forum they had positive reviews over and over once more from individuals that had actually transplant procedures done by either Dr. Wong or Dr. Hasson. After 4 months of study I made a decision that Hasson as well as Wong was the one for me. Why did I pick Surgeons out of the USA? Straightforward, they were one of the most effective, otherwise the most effective in the whole globe as well as a Hair transplantation is a life transforming surgical procedure. You can not conceal a hair transplant, once it is done thats it, your persevered permanently. So, traveling 3.5 hrs from where I lived to their office to have actually transplant work done by the finest was a no brainer for me. I would take a trip to China if the most effective physicians lay there.

But which physician, Dr. Wong or Dr. Hasson? All over I review they both had equally good testimonials, one did not tower above the other in their skills or methods as a cosmetic surgeon. Eventually, I check out Jatronics blog, who is a previous patient of Dr. Wong’s and also who additionally works for Hasson as well as Wong presently. On his site he defined in detail his very own loss of hair experiences and why he chose Dr. Wong and his whole transplant procedure with Dr. Wong. After reviewing that post, I determined Dr. Wong was the one for me. I made my very first get in touch with to Hasson as well as Wong by email, actually my whole hair transplantation assessment was done online. I sent out in a number of photographs of my current loss of hair standing as well as Dr. Wong made an enlightened assumption regarding the number of grafts I would require and also just how much the overall price of the surgical procedure would be. I informed him I desired the maximum feasible, which we settled on to be approx 3800 grafts the expense at that time was approx $11,000., which to me was o.k., since a lot of specialists here in Los Angeles where double that amount, Also, the plane tickets and also hotel where likewise consisted of. Hasson and also Wong pay for 2 complete days of room and air travel. We were provided a fantastic space and also at the great Granville Resort on Granville Island in Vancouver. My wife and also I determined to make it a brief vacation for ourselves.

When we reached Vancouver in mid 2004 we went straight to our resort at the Granville. We unloaded and had breakfast, and given that I firmly insisted to satisfy Dr. Wong personally for a face to face assessment before the surgical procedure, we then left for Hasson and Wong a day prior to the surgery. My other half and also I consulted with Joe Tillman and also Dr. Wong that afternoon which became more that what I expected. We spoke about exactly how the surgical treatment will occur, the donor scar, my contributor thickness and so forth. It was a wonderful conference which assisted me to get ready for the upcoming surgery the next day at 6:00 am. My spouse as well as I went back to our resort and had a great dinner as well as loosened up.

On the day of the surgical treatment, I actually fidgeted and also truth resolved in. Believe me when I tell you ideal prior to entering to have my contributor location taken, I was having a panic attack, my heart was beating and I was telling my self, if this fails I will be scared for life. Nobody knew this was occurring, except my other half as well as she relaxed me down by telling me that she had absolutely no doubts that the procedure would certainly be done appropriately. So I put down in the chair as well as Dr Wong walked in provided me some anesthesia and started to cut my donor area out. Now let me talk, I have a low resistance of pain as well as I can honestly claim that mosting likely to the dental expert is a lot more excruciating, I personally did not really feel any kind of discomfort whatsoever when Wong was cutting my benefactor location. After the benefactor area was taken, I was stapled up and also taken to another space for harvesting. They had some 6-8 registered nurses, not consisting of Dr. Wong collecting the implants which took 10-12 hrs. We began at 6:30 am and also were done by 4:00 pm. I viewed 2 dvd flicks, “The Lord of The Rings”, spoke to Dr. Wong, talked with the nurses, my wife and also had sushi for lunch. I did all that as the implants were being gathered. There was definitely no discomfort. After the surgical treatment was complete I was provided some pain medication, given a hat, paid, thanked every person for their precision and expertise and also went back to the hotel. We left for Los Angeles the adhering to morning. The next day my face inflated as a result of Anesthesia medicine which was put in my head to numb the transplant location.

This swelling lasted 1 day after which the hair transplanted area was red for regarding 2-4 weeks. This redness of the hair transplanted location relies on people skin completion. If one is white and light skinned like myself, the redness lasts much longer, if one is tanned and dark skinned the inflammation might not even be visible. All donor transplanted hair fell off within 10 days. The next phase which lasts approx 3-6 months is the resting phase. I began seeing hairs bulge in around the 4-5 month mark which was fantastic for a guy that before this was going bold yearly. By the 8-10 month I discovered a whole new me with a whole new set of hair, absolutely impressive. For the very first time in 10 years I can use a brush not a comb to brush my hair. See my website for before and also after pics.


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